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Switch-mode power supplies, made by the renown Mean Well.

We provide one suitable for 12-volt systems and one for 24-volt ones. They are suitable for sealed or open type Lead - Acid batteries. They operate with continuous current limiting, in contrast with other power supplies of the market, something that makes them also suitable for discharged batteries. They provide constant output voltage, maintaining the batteries always ready for starting the engine. They can be permanently connected to the batteries. Charging current and voltage is independent from mains supply fluctuations.

12V - Type:  DR75-12
Supply: 85-264VAC  50/60Hz  1.6A/115V - 0,96A/230V
Output: 13.8V 6A

24V - Type:  DR120-24
Supply: 88-132 (2,6A) / 176-264 (1,6A) VAC  50/60Hz Switch selectable.
Output: 27.7V 5A