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EN40  EN40

Two pumps Altenator for mounting on DIN Rail.

It has two inputs for "cold" contacts e.g. floater or pressure switches, and two triac outputs.
The first input (P1) alternates the output, witch means that every time it is activated (closed circuit) the other output from the previous time is activated. Example: If by activating P1, C1 is activated, (when deactivating P1, C1 will be deactivated as well), then the next time P1 is activated C2 will be activated.
The second input (P2) activates both outputs with a small delay (4 sec) between them. It does not matter if P1 and an output are already active.
P2 is usually used to become active after P1, when there is a high demand that only one pump can not fulfill.

Supply: 230 V AC 50/60 HZ
Consumption: 7 VA MAX
Max output current: 6A AC1
Max output voltage: 250 V AC

EN40 syndesi


EN40 syndesi