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gsm d + gsm ad + t 200

GSM AD and GSM D are devices for remote control using GSM network. Working together they can control the level in a water tank by wirelessly starting and stopping a pump.

The possible uses are more than just that, but the set is fine-tuned as default for this application. If you wish for something different, you can ask us. We will do our best to help.

For each device a SIM card is needed from a provider that covers the installation territory.

The system can work with "contract" or prepaid cards as the client wishes. In the later case users can easily ask for the remainder of the "talk time" of their devices by communicating only with the devices by SMS messages. The same way they can renew the "talk time". GSM AD and GSM D use a message forward scheme to make this possible. The user communicates with the device and it communicates with the provider. Then forwards the response back to the user.

GSM AD needs POWER UNIT T200 for use in a mains network of 230V.. It is the power supply and also caries the output relays. The contacts are rated 12Α/230V.

GSM AD needs GENERAL UNIT LD for use in a mains network of 230V. If there is no mains, GSM D can be used with a solar panel and battery. It includes by default a solar charging control circuit.

In addition with the automatic operation of the pump, useful messages can inform the user for conditions as power failure, abnormal pump stop, low or high tank level, low battery etc...