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gsm ad t 2000

GSM-iD is a remote notification system using gsm network.

It has one output relay and five digital inputs. It needs the POWER UNIT T2000 in order to operate in 230V mains network, also in T2000 is the output relay.

GSM iD sends a message for power-up, another for power disconnect and another five for five separate events in the inputs. The events can be either energizing or de-energizing an input, that is SMS programmable. Programmable are also the texts of the short messages (SMS) that GSM iD sends.

In addition with the SMS, the device can also make a call to the programmed users, for immediate notification.
GSM iD can be armed and disarmed by a call from authorized users, so that no SMSs are sent if there is no need.

The output relay can be used in two ways. It can be operated by the user or it can be operated automatically by the device in case of jamming attempt detection, useful to energize a dialer on a land line. The two modes do not coexist, ask us for details.

As a backup, a 9V alkaline battery can be connected on the device. It is sufficient for up to 30 hours of stand-by, time shortened by sent SMSs. When it is low, an SMS "Low Battery" is send. Of course operation by a 12V battery is also possible, and it can be charged by solar panel (charger is included in GSM iD) or by mains through T 2000.

GSM iD can work with "contract" or prepaid cards as the client wishes. In the later case users can easily ask for the remainder of the "talk time" (credit) by communicating only with the GSM iD device by SMS. The same way they can renew the "talk time". GSM iD uses a message forward scheme to make this possible. The user communicates with the device and it communicates with the provider. Then forwards the response back to the user.

GSM iD similar to the GSM AD is also available in a complete version, assembled in a plastic box for placement outside of the electrical panel. You can order it by the code GSM iD K